carrie landis


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a healing modality that takes your body out of the sympathetic state and into the parasympathetic state. Going from fight/flight to rest/digest is imperative to healing.  Without that transition, the body is unable to go from maintenance mode to repair mode, and is therefore unable to heal. When you are ill you are resting and sleeping all the time because that is the only state that will allow for healing. 

Receiving a craniosacral session is not only very relaxing, but allows your body to go into that repair mode that will allow healing. If you've never experienced a session before, I strongly suggest giving it a try, and seeing how you feel/do with it.

When you are booking an appointment, please note that I now have office hours in two locations:

The default location is in Santa Rosa at 830 Second Street, Suite B. If you prefer to come to my office in Rohnert Park (Wellness Professionals at 2 Padre Parkway, Suite 201-A) please let me know.  Rohnert Park location is only available on Mondays.